Back to business…

It was straight back into Garden to Table on Tuesday after the two-week break. The pressure was on to make sweet treats for the Food and Wine Festival, so we thought chocolate fudge would be an easy yummy solution and it’s always popular. The other treat I thought we would attempt to make was Coconut Ice…. well attempt is the right word! Tuesdays’ coconut ice was an epic fail 😦  it tasted delicious but the texture and consistency was all wrong.  Both the fudge and coconut ice was better on Wednesday but still not quite right, although I’ve been told my expectations are rather high, but by the second Tuesday we managed a much higher standard of both (almost perfect… thankfully).

We also made Vegetarian Chickpea Burgers , you could make bigger ones to go on a burger but we made ours bite size and put them on a lettuce leaf with some extra sweet chilli sauce. The St Francis staff who got to sample the leftovers thought they were delicious especially spread with some spicy hummus dip.

The gorgeous gardeners were exhausted as they were super busy tidying up all the garden areas that had been messed up over the school holidays. If you get a chance take a look around the school and you will see some beautiful vegetables and herbs starting to take flight. YUM!!! 

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